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Company News About RS485 Automatic Boom Barrier With DC Brushless Motor Heavy Duty

RS485 Automatic Boom Barrier With DC Brushless Motor Heavy Duty

RS485 Automatic Boom Barrier With DC Brushless Motor Heavy Duty

RS485 Automatic Boom Barrier With DC Brushless Motor Heavy Duty



Quick Details:


This product adopts the latest mold design technology, mold die-casting manufacturing technology, brushless control speed technology, and can be quickly interchanged, no clutch design, more reliable quality and more convenient use. The movement adopts two-stage worm gear transmission and curved crank arm three- link structure, and the landing rod is fast and stable. Easy maintenance and long service life .



Technical parameters

1 Working temperature(motor): -35℃~+85℃
2 Rated voltage: DC24V
3 Running speed:1.5s-8s
4 Rated current: 8.58A
5 Rated power: 140W
6 No-load speed:1850rpm
7 Rated speed:1400rpm
8 Output Power: 56.8N.m
9 Relative humidity: ≤90%
10 Remote control distance: ≤100M( in the open place)
11 IP Degree:IP44
42 Max length of arm: 6M
Advanced Features:
  • Hall limit: Automatically detects the limit when power on without debugging, detecting the motor speed at all times, and running at a constant speed.
  • Curved triple connecting rod structure, easy to adjust.
  • Arm direction quickly interchanged: interchanged according to different directions on the construction site, reduce inventory, and capital pressure.
  • Special DC brushless controller: use integrated chip drive, fast processing speed, large memory, powerful function;24v low voltage power supply adapts to global voltage.


1 The running speed can be adjusted from 1.5s to 6s
2 Can be quickly interchanged
3 Open the barrier gate by motor wheel when power off ,automatically reset after power on
4 Curved crank arm three- link movement structure, the operation is stable
5 Wireless remote control control open/close
6 Auto reverse function(force adjustable)
7 Infrared photocells connector is available
8 Loop detector connector is available.
9 Well-integrated with car parking system equipment,with wire control(must be switch signal)




The parameter for selecting the balance tension spring


Arm Type The Length of arm Selection Spring



Straight Arm/Folding Arm 6M≥L>5M Extension Spring (ø5.5x280)+(ø4.5x280)
  5M≥L≥4.5M   (ø5.5x280)
  4.5M>L≥3M   (ø4.5x280)
Fence Arm 5M≥L≥4M   (ø6.5x280)+(ø6.5x280)
  4M>L≥3M   (ø5.5x280)+(ø4.5x280)




Type Length and Operating Speed Parameters of Bar


Arm type Arm Length (L) Operation time(S) Height between arm and ground (M)
Straight arm 6M≥L>5M 5S H=0.83M
5M≥L≥4.5M 4S
4.5M>L≥3M 3S
90 degree folding arm L≤5M 5S
180 degree folding arm L≤5M 5S
Two fence arm 5M≥L≥4M 6S H=0.9M
4M>L≥3M 3S
Three fence arm 5M≥L≥4M 6S H=1.5M



Learning Remote control


The remote control using special IC learning code remote controller, 418MHz
wireless frequency, strong anti-interference, long remote control distance, that can up
to 100meters in good weather, use easily and durable. The receiver of learning code
remote control can store 16 different remote control codes, and support unlimited
number of same code remote control. The external receiver learned the remote control
within 5 seconds when power on,press the open/close key at the same time to
complete the learning, and reset to continue learn when not complete. If repeat the
learning, open the external receiver shell, there is a white button on circuit board, hold
down 15 seconds to delete the remote control code, continue to learn or press the
white button to learn.


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1-Can you install using loop detector or pressure sensor on it?

Yes,the stanadard advertising barrier gate have loop detector and pressure sensor.


2-How about the guarantee and after sale service?

We have 1 year quality guarantee, We own well tranied and passional sales & aftersale services who can speak fluent English language.


3-How long is the leading time?

For standard item

10-50 sets:5 working days
50-100 sets:7-10 working days
200-500 sets:10-15 working days
For special item, or need custom design package or logo, need 3-10 working days longer.


4-How about the payment terms?

TT,western union,our company already joined the trade assurance,it will highly protect your order security.


5-How do you send the products to me,how long?

As our products are big volume,and heavy duty, we suggest you to ship by sea. You can also choose your own shipping forwarder. it normally takes 7-60 days depend on different countries.


6-What is the package of the barrier gate?

Inside with a carton package.Then outside,there are wooden crate package.




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Sarah Lee


Whatsapp:+86 13751381783