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Company Case About DZ-830 3rd DC brushless motor barrier with two fence boom

DZ-830 3rd DC brushless motor barrier with two fence boom

Latest company case aboutDZ-830 3rd DC brushless motor barrier with two fence boom

Wireless Remote Control DC 24V Brushless Barrier Gate 6M Telescopic Arm Vehicle Barrier Gate​



Product Overview


Thank you for purchasing the 3rd generation brushless motor barrier gate from WONSUN. This product

adopts the latest mold design technology, mold die-casting manufacturing technology, brushless control

speed regulation technology, left and right interchangeable quickly, no clutch design, more reliable quality,

more convenient to use, the movement adopts two-stage worm gear drive, curved curve The arm has a

three-link structure, and the landing rod is fast and stable. Easy maintenance and long service life

Parameters of Barrier Arm Type,Length and Operation Speed

Arm type Arm Length(L) Operation time(S) Height between arm and ground (M)
Straight arm 6m≥L>5m 5S H=0.83m, height of arm center from ground level
5m≥L≥4.5m 4S
4.5m>L≥3m 3S
90°folding arm L≤4.5m 5S
180°folding arm L≤4m 5S
Two fence arm 4.5m≥L≥4m 6S H=0.9m,height of arm center from ground level
4m>L≥3m 3S
Three fence arm 5m≥L≥4m 6S H=1.5m,height of arm center from ground level
4m>L≥3m 5S



3.1 The running speed can be adjusted from 1.5s to 8s

3.2 Can be quickly interchanged

3.3 Open the barrier gate by motor wheel when power off ,automatically reset after power on

3.4 Curved crank arm three- link movement structure, the operation is stable

3.5 Wireless remote control control open/close

3.6 Auto reverse function(force adjustable)

3.7 Infrared photocells connector is available

3.8 Loop detector connector is available.

3.9 Well-integrated with car parking system equipment,with wire control(must be switch signal)

3.10 Connector for traffic light(AC220V,power less than 40W)

3.11 Offering dry contact signal for car parking system(COM,NC,NO)

3.12 Auto-delay when closing(adjustable)

3.13 RS485 or CAN network communication interface(no need to install module)

3.14 Counting interface

3.15 24V backup battery interface(Can be charged by using solar energy)( optional)

3.16 Arm open when power off ( add backup battery) (Optional)

3.17 Anti-collision alarm device

Vehicle Barrier Gate Technical parameters

4.1 Working temperature(motor): -30℃~+70℃

4.2 Rated voltage:DC24V

4.3 Running speed:1.5s-8s

4.4 Rated current:9.5A

4.5 Rated power:160W

4.6 No-load speed:1850rpm

4.7 Rated speed:1400rpm

4.8 Rated torque:59.6N.m

4.9 Relative humidity:≥85%

4.10 Remote control distance:≤100M(in the open place)

4.11 IP Degree:IP44

4.12 Max length of arm:6M


Equipment installation

7.1.1 Please select the correct type of barrier gate according to the specifications of

the pace,and then fix the barrier cabinet with expansion bolts(refer to Figure 3).

After determined the position,the barrier gate foundation should be done according to the site conditions,

and also make the cast-in-place basement for the non-concrete ground.



Vehicle Barrier Gate FAQ:


Q1.Who we are?

We are based in Shenzhen,Guangdong, China, was founded in 2011,is the professional manufacturer

of high-end intelligent parking barrier gate.


Q2.why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
1. One year free service is supplied(not including the arm and remote)

2. Lifetime charged service is supplied

3. Technical service is supplied

4. OEM: we can customized machine case, color, logo for you, which accroding to your detailed requirements.

5. Technical support and aftersales service, it is a long term relatioship between us.

6. Price can be negotiable when you have big order quantity.


Q3.How about payment terms our company provide?
A: T/T


Q4.Which is your min order?
A: 1 piece


Q5.Model color size and craft for all barrier gates can be customized?
A: Yes, we can, welcome OEM & ODM. We also can put logo of your company on product



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